Physiotherapists are involved in helping people
of all ages – from young infants to the elderly -
from all walks of life…


Acupuncture works to help maintain the body’s
equilibrium. It involves insertion of very fine
needles into specific points…


Improve your posture, balance and flexibility.
Pilates can reduce back pain and help your post
-natal recovery.

ACC Treatment

  • No surcharge for initial visit
  • Subsequent treatment package (Physiotherapy Plus Acupuncture treatment)
    No surcharge
  • Subsequent Physiotherapy treatment only
    $10 each session
  • ACC Acupuncture treatment only
    No surcharge
  • Application for ACC treatment extension
    $20 (non-refundable)

Private Treatment

  • Initial assessment for new patient (Physiotherapy 60mins or Acupuncture)
  • Subsequent treatment package (Physiotherapy 30mins + Acupuncture 60mins)
  • Subsequent Physiotherapy treatment only (30mins)
    $50 each session
  • Subsequent Acupuncture treatment only (40mins)
    $50 each session
  • Acupressure massage
    $40 (20mins), $60 (30mins)
  • Sweidish massage
    $60 (30mins), $80 (40mins)

Pilates Classes

  • Casual Mat class session
    $20 / class
  • Concession of 5 Mat class sessions
  • Concession of 10 Mat class sessions
  • Pilates starter package (one to one 1hr session plus 10 week concession)
  • One to one session
    $50 (30mins), $70 (60mins)


  + Comprehensive ACC treatment package
  + High Quality of Manipulative Physiotherapy care
  + Traditional Acupuncture Treatment
  + Pilates class & personal training

As ACC registered providers, we offer a range of treatment including Surgical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Treatment.

All of our physiotherapists are specialists in mobilisation, manipulation, exercise prescription, Pilates and rehabilitation. We provide expertise in all musculoskeletal problems from neck and back pain to sports injuries.

Acupuncturists also specialize in an area such as chronic and acute pain, digestive upset, headaches, infertility and adjunctive cancer & chemotherapy treatment. We will look at the whole person not just your symptoms to find out the imbalance affecting your health.

We believe that blending the best of western and eastern practices provide better care than a single treatment. This collaborative approach allows us to incorporate and connect key concepts and skills from two practices so that we deliver more comprehensive and systemic treatment such as Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Treatment Package. 

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