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Bring balance and motion back into your life!

+ Comprehensive ACC treatment (Physiotherapy and Acupuncture)
+ Providing a High Quality of Manipulative Physiotherapy care
+ Traditional Acupuncture Treatment, A Mind – Whole Body Approach to wellbeing

Axon Physio & Acupuncture deliver high quality care so people can achieve optimal results and improve their quality of life.  Our team of highly qualified physiotherapists and acupuncturists work holistically to diagnose and treat your condition in order to speed up recovery.

We aim to treat the root of your injury rather than just relieve the symptoms and focus on giving you the preventative tools to remain injury-free.

Our physiotherapists are specialists in mobilisation, manipulation, exercise prescription, Pilates, and rehabilitation. We are experts in all musculoskeletal conditions from neck and back pain to sports injuries.

Acupuncturists also specialise in an area such as chronic and acute pain, digestive upset, and musculoskeletal treatment. We will look at the whole person not just your symptoms to find out the imbalance affecting your health.

We are recognized by all major insurance companies and have developed good working relationships with local GPs and consultants.

As ACC registered providers, we offer a range of treatments including Surgical Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture Treatment.

We believe that blending the best of western and eastern practices provides better care than an individual approach. This collaboration allows us to incorporate and connect key concepts and skills from two practices so that we deliver a more comprehensive and systemic treatment reflected in our Physiotherapy and Acupuncture Treatment Package.

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Our Services


Physiotherapists are involved in helping people
of all ages – from young infants to the elderly –
from all walks of life…


Acupuncture works to help maintain the body’s
equilibrium. It involves insertion of very fine
needles into specific points…

Exercise prescription

Exercise program, Gait analysis using Gait Scan System

Our Staff

Sean Kim Physiotherapist, NZSP, MNZSP BHSc PG cert (Acupuncture)
Hannah Bateman Physiotherapist, NZSP, MNZSP BHSc
Cesar Estoconing Physiotherapist, NZSP, MNZSP BHSc
Jessica Kim  Physiotherapist, NZSP, MNZSP BHSc
Joe Kim Acupuncturist, BHSc (Acupuncture) NZRA, NZCCM
Renee Liu Acupuncturist, Master of Clinical Medicine in Shandong University of China, Bachelor of Medicine (Major in Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Phoebe Luo Acupuncturist, Master of Clinical Medicine in Tianjin University of China