ACC Claims

If you have an accident or get injured, we help you to make an ACC claim. It does not matter if your injury happens at work, at home or when you are playing sport. You can still get help from ACC. An accident is defined as a sudden event, so you must be able to name the time and place of injury.

ACC - Accident at work
ACC - Accident at home
ACC - Sports injury
ACC - Car accident

Make an ACC claim

Step 1: Make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists

Step 2: Fill out the ACC45 claim form (available at an Axon physio) with your Physiotherapist

Step 3: Your Physiotherapist sends the form to ACC for processing

Step 4: ACC will contact you about your claim to let you know if it has been accepted or declined

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No referral required

We have all relevant ACC documentation so No doctor’s referral is required.

Comprehensive Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

Please note that a non-attendance charge ($30) fee will be charged made where an appointment is missed without any 24hours prior notice.

Conditions we treat

– Sports injuries (Golf, rugby so on)

– Joint injuries and fractures
– Post surgery
– Muscle strains and tears
– Back, trunk and neck spines

– Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand injuries

– Hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries

– Work related injuries